About Lady Xiang

Lady Xiang is a high-end oriental fashion boutique that sells one-of-a-kind customized pieces. As a modern Oriental fashion specialist, Lady Xiang rejuvenates the ancient Cheongsam with its breathtaking designs in a range of vibrant colours. From stunning halter necked Cheongsams and flowing be-jewelled gowns, to silk jackets and knee length tube dresses…… many of them are embroidered or embellished in silk, chiffon, lace or other opulent fabrics.

Lady Xiang’s cheongsam is well known with its slender cut, elegant appearance and exquisite  workmanship. No detail is left unattended to with every cheongsam measured to fit each customer’s figure. Lady Xiang’s originality and femininity are popular with wedding groups, socialites, celebrities and tourists since 2004.

Born from the owners’ love for the Cheongsam, Lady Xiang thinks that every woman should have at least one cheongsam in their wardrobe  as Cheongsam is a garment of best choice for both Asian and Western women when attending formal events and ceremonial occasions.